‘Sparking joy’ boosts thrift stores around the country

I don’t know if this is true… but it must be, right?

There are themes that run throughout Instagram, and I’ve never seen so many people I know personally under the same spell at the same time. The same posts of empty closets and Kondo-folded clothes.


It’s also hilarious when everyone gets on the same kic because we all have the same problems. Too much stuff. Ads selling us crap all the time. And we’re human… we have the need for things to fix stuff in our lives.

It’s so new year’s resolution-y of us.

Whether it’s poor drainage or competing for the cutest work outfit or a lonely heart. We want to buy something to make it better.

It’s a good fix a lot of the time, but it accumulates like the snow in January in New York. Then we have to haul it all out every once in a while to freaking breathe.

Enter Marie Kondo and her gift of simplicity and minimalism. Her motto: If it doesn’t make you feel good, get rid of it. The premise is that you don’t NEED any of these things to live. They’re extra.

And what do we do with our extra stuff–whether it’s extra because it’s worn down or not useful anymore or we aren’t into paisley print this year?

Get ready to hit your local thrift store for all the new-to-you awesome stuff you can handle… you don’t want to miss out on that Barbados coffee mug, do you?

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