3 issues with “date night”

Date night is a thing now. Before it was just a regular weekend or sometimes a week day.

Issue #1

I have to think about when to put on my good clothes and when to wear clothes that can get messy. By “good clothes” I mean black jeans and a clean shirt. By “clothes that can get messy” I mean a diaper cream stain on my pants and a red, spaghetti mouth swipe on my shirt.

So when we started to get ready for one of our rare date nights recently, I had two thoughts: When should I change into my good clothes? And, did I really need to shower?

Issue #2

Showers are luxuries. Long showers are just radical.

Radical, like, “honey, enjoying shower/bath time is for the baby.” The baby who needs to be able to take her bath with the water running the whole time so her experience is that of a tropical vacation complete with its own private waterfall. And rubber ducky, of course.

We’re not only trying to be good parents, we’re saving the planet too, ya know.

Then there’s the ease with which I can now dismiss the need for a shower. I figured to get out on this most-recent date night in a relaxed and jovial mood, I might just have to roll with things and miss my window for a shower. I was fine.

My mother-in-law, however, exists in the land of the frequently showered and scooted me down the hall, reassuring me “it will be fine, dear.”

Issue #3

Even when you shower and put on your good clothes at the right time, you’re still the new you.

The new parent-you.

The you that orders the loaded fries on date night and eats them so feverishly that the rooms fills with a heavy aroma and melted cheese stains your cute, black leggings.

But your husband is a new him too, and it’s fine.

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