Heel, girl

The other day I was driving into work in downtown Raleigh. I was stopped at a light when three people crossed in front of my car: two men in suits and a woman in a dress and very high heels.

All the same age. All similar in many ways except one.

She struggled. She just couldn’t keep up with the guys. They had on sensible walking shoes, she had on heels.

It was just an instant but the picture of the two men talking and striding along, and the woman struggling to keep up and stay in the conversation lingered with me through the day. And now a few days later, I’m still thinking about it.

Here’s what I keep thinking about: Why do women still do things, and particularly wear things, that don’t really make sense, especially for work?

For many of us, at work we are part of a pack, a group. We go to lunch. We go to meetings. We have to look at each other, and walk together, and get stuff done. Together.

I stopped wearing heels what feels like ages ago because I simply stopped feeling like it mattered enough to put myself through the pain. Sound extreme? If you’re a guy reading this, I promise you it’s not. If you’re a gal reading this, you know and are nodding your head.

I love fashion. I love trends. I love weird jewelry and fun clothes and people’s quirky preferences. If you think about it, heels fit into the category of “trendy,” albeit a long-lasting one. And, they DO look awesome sometimes.

But what I don’t love is fashion that holds us back.

What I’m not saying is change your style to fit in. What I am saying is what if women felt more comfortable being comfortable? Would our feet become our friends and would our minds be more focused on the task at hand?

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  1. I seriously think heels were created to slow women down so they could be caught….and then men…. and other women have perpetrated the myth that they are sexy!

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