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7 running tips from a self-proclaimed non-runner

Remember how I said I don’t run? (Well, I did at some point) In truth I played all sorts of sports as “a kid” that required running, even cross country in high school. And, I’ve run on and off throughout my life for exercise. I’ve just never done it consistently.

Yes, I’ve gotten “the high,” but it didn’t compel me to run with any regularity, much less everyday. And, for me at least, not doing it every day made me sort of subconsciously hate it. Like, “running, I don’t need you.”

Anyway, I went running this evening. Something about hot weather actually makes me *want* to run!? And, I thought of some things that helped me when I wanted to quit:

1. Focus on breathing. Enjoying the scenery will come later.

2. Breathe all of the CO² out, and try to breathing mostly through the nose.

3. Stretch, walk, and hang loose when you feel like it, then pick it back up to running again as soon as you can.

4. Have fun. No one’s tracking your time or judging your gate.

5. Speaking of… shoulders down!

6. Running is work. This isn’t meant to be super awesome until you’re body is a lean-mean-trained-running-machine. RIGHT?!

7. Push against gravity and the weight of your body that feels like a million tons.

There you have it. Hopefully more running in my future. MapMyRun says I did 3 “happy run” miles.

What are your running tips?

2 thoughts on “7 running tips from a self-proclaimed non-runner

  1. Hydrate. (Noone is gonna insure that you have the right amount of H2O except you!)

    Big, soft wick-away socks that fit well in slightly bigger, flexible shoes.

    Be alert for traffic when running on or crossing roads, but when you’re on a secure trail please enjoy getting into your own head and sorting things out.

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