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  1. The frost is thawing and the green sprigs of spring are right around the corner: I’m full of hope and anticipation of the changing season. The July 2013 post on local farm fresh foods was great – and summer always hosts tons of events and activities – but what about now when our cabin fever has peaked? What does the Dame predict will be in vogue Spring 2014 in town and across the country? What should we do this time of year?

  2. I enjoy the posts about events happening downtown. I can imagine an e-book highlighting what not to miss — from the big to the small.

  3. Some random ideas that would be nice for the “Dame treatment”…

    FREE RALEIGH! – IMHO, a lot of really nice and FREE events happen around downtown, and yet struggle to get much attention. There are occasional goings-on at the library, the parks, the bookstore, the Rose Garden, the fairgrounds, Seaboard…free or nearly free college-level sports…and that’s not even counting the wave of summertime stuff…Oak City 7, Fiesta del Pueblo, etc.

    the HIBERNIAN – would like to see Dame’s review.

    what’s your favorite OLD building and NEW building in downtown???

    A story on the NC State arboretum.

    A story on this new rock and roll running event – good idea or over-the-top?

    A late summer story on how Raleigh is threatening to become the bluegrass capitol of the world.

    A “what’s the most unusual item on your menu?” story on local restauranteurs. And I suppose a variant, “most unusual drink”.

    🙂 Actually, most everything on your blog is well worth the time. Keep it up!

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