Cafe de los Muertos

Cafe de los Muertos is open

As I sit in the newest coffee shop to grace the streets of downtown Raleigh, here’s what I see:

A dog grinning from the outside as her ‘person’ orders inside. A long, hand carved wooden bench running along the front window—then it meets a word blurb decal, blown up to fit the large glass panel. A crowd just filtered in (as their morning coffee wears off?)…

I see Tyler from Happy + Hale and he tells me their salads will be an item at the cafe once the full menu is up and running (soon). Tyler also offers me the latest news on Happy + Hale’s opening at City Plaza—you can expect quick, healthy meals for under $10 along with their amazing juices, an outdoor seating area, and borrow-able picnic blankets for enjoying the green space across the way (you may have seen yoga there or ice skating).

Cafe de los Muertos opened today, and so far I like it a lot. The vibe is fun and relaxed. I’ve seen gray hair, pony tails, hipster flips, and buns. I like that it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone what I’m wearing or doing.

300 West Harget Street (ground floor of the Hue apartment building)

Enjoy these photos from Saturday, January 11

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  1. Checked out Cafe de Los Muertos yesterday (early Feb 2014), and was pleasantly surprised. The layout is similar to Morning Times, with two separate floors, but in the Hue building which is about 100 years newer (not sure if that’s good or bad).

    It has a nice, low-light, peaceful vibe. It was easy to find a seat, but enjoy it while you can. When Citrix opens, it won’t be so easy.

    The menu and staff don’t quite match up to Mike’s at Global Village, but no shame in that – neither does any other coffee shop in Raleigh.

    1. John, it’s so funny, a friend and I were just talking about Global Village today. And my boyfriend and I got some amazing coffee drinks there a few months ago a — after many years of time away. It was perfect. Mike is awesome and he remembered me from my days there as an NC State student. Wow.

      1. 🙂 Mike is slipping! He remembered you from college, BUT he forgot what you ordered that last time you visited Global Village!

        But seriously…yes, Mike is unbelievable. He knows me, my wife, my kids, their boyfriends…and he can tell ME what’s new with them. 🙂 Sometimes I learn new things about them from Mike!

        Somehow, he evens knows WHICH of the OTHER customers I already know, and which ones I don’t. 🙂 How does he do that??

        🙂 Do you think he knows when I stop into other coffee shops?!

        GV has the deepest menu of coffee and tea drinks, and lots of seasonal offerings. I know Starbucks does that, too, but IMHO, GV takes it to a different level. And of course, GV is local.

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