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Where do you get your farm fresh foods?

Local food. Slow food. Fresh food. Where do you get yours?

Some grow their own, some head to the Farmer’s Market downtown on Wednesdays or to the main location on Lake Wheeler and Centennial Parkway (open everyday of the week). Or, maybe you subscribe to a weekly CSA—some neighborhoods have their own groups (find a great one in Raleigh) and there are delivery services (like Papa Spud’s) that operate in larger areas.

The Lomo Market is another place to buy amazing local foods—but it’s a truck! Food trucks are all the rave right now, but this isn’t one of those. So, I interviewed the Lomo Team to find out just what they call themselves and get a taste of what they’re all about!

Would you describe yourself as the food truck version of the Farmer’s Market?

The term “food truck” implies that we prepare food onboard or prior to our arrival, which is definitely not the case! We work with a bunch of great producers (some of whom also sell at area farmers’ markets or other retail locations) to source products from salsa to spaghetti squash, crostatas to cheddar cheese. The most succinct way we’ve found to describe LoMo is as “a mobile farmers market.”

LoMo truck

How do you choose where to park and where do you go most often?

Most of our current stops are based on recommendations and requests. We’re always looking for new ideas, so let us know if you haven’t seen us and want to! We travel across the Triangle to neighborhoods, offices, and wellness centers. There’s one school on our list: St. Mary’s School. They’ve been so welcoming.

How do people know where you are?

We try to spread the word in residential areas as respectfully as possible. If a community advocate has enjoyed visiting LoMo we ask them to post our schedule on their neighborhood listserv or website. Anyone can join our newsletter by email and we have some flyers that people can post in clubhouses and cafes. We also rely on word of mouth and social media (like Twitter and Facebook). Of course, some folks find us just from walking / jogging / driving by.

Busy day at LoMo Market

Do you feel the Raleigh community supports this business model?

About 1/3 of our truck stops are within the Raleigh city limits, and we’ve been excited by the positive response—from city to suburbs!from folks who care about where their food comes from and want to learn more about the sustainable and artisanal products we carry.

The LoMo truck sticks to a mostly consistent schedule, including three markets and over 35 stops around the Triangle.

Where does your produce come from?

LoMo Market works with an ever-growing group of farmers, many of them right here in the Triangle, that practice one or more of the following agricultural methods: conventional, pesticide-free, certified naturally grown, and/or certified organic. We’ve recognized that our customers like having choices.

What’s the #1 thing people ask you when they approach the LoMo truck?

If they’ve never visited us before: “What is this?!” If they’re a regular: “What’s new this week?”

We’re happy to answer both. Come see us!

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