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News group brings 'a little sunshine to local government'

At CityCamp last week I chatted with a participant who is active in his community, has previously worked in government, and since moving to Raleigh, follows the local news well. Or so he thought. Something came up about local journalism or maybe it was when Charles Duncan Pardo gave his lightening talk, but Steve learned for the first time that day about the fantastic news reporting coming from the Raleigh Public Record. He was ready to get reading.

The Editor, Charles, and the Managing Editor, Jen Wig Suarez, maintain and collaborate with a dedicated team who work very hard to attend countless city council and CAC meetings, as well as interview elected officials and other innovators, educators, and residents. I contributed a couple of articles to the RPR in early 2011 and am forever thankful for that opportunity. I became more aware and involved in the issues going on in my community, and I became a better writer (like any skill, writing must be practiced). It was a critical stepping stone and helped lead me to what I’m doing now, which I love.

For any news team, or any person for that matter, to deliver an unbiased report of something is a difficult task; it’s in our nature to have a viewpoint, a perspective, and carry judgments based on our experiences. But the Raleigh Public Record puts unrivaled emphasis on it and so, does a better job than most.

To support the work they do, you can donate anytime (all amounts are great) or purchase a meal at their Pig Pickin event this Sunday, June 9—includes a meal and drink/beer, plus a RPR Tshirt ($50). The BBQ will be local, pasture-raised whole hog and the refreshments plentiful: Locopops, local beer, live blues music, and a pie contest! There are other meal options too, bring friends! See more details here.

The event is at their office headquarters: 907 Glenwood Avenue (3-6pm). Get tickets here.

P.S. Paradoxos 2013 is premiering this year. It’s 2-day festival in downtown Durham, June 6 and 7, for alternative Triangle innovation.

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