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Pooling resources this summer: CityCamp NC

Today was Day 1 of CityCampNC—a two day event for open government advocates and tech-minded folks to talk about how to get more out of the institution we’ve built around elected officials, policies, and legislation. There’s so much to be done in and around our communities and CityCamp is a way to get those conversations started among people who have varied skills, some with government knowledge and some with not much. You’d be surprised how much can get worked out, teased out, and done when these people come together… and honestly, when they come together to give a damn.

Because, isn’t that the real take-away? To meet like-minded folks and walk away feeling empowered to go out and do more, with more understanding and knowledge than you had yesterday?

More and more citizens are changing and shaping our government for the better. All of this is our answer to the mess we’ve seen government make and our frustration with their process. Three cheers!

The take-away is also $3000 for the winning idea/team, plus a consulting session with Jason Caplain at Bull City Venture Partners. Two more prizes will be given out this year: $1000 and $500 respectively to a second and third team. The ideas were pitched this morning and these 20 were pulled out into sessions that lasted the afternoon. Tomorrow (the second day) will be “a build day” where the now established teams begin making headway on their projects (conference attendees choose the sessions/ideas that interest them most, participate in talks about what the project around the idea will be, and then decide which team(s) to officially join for the second day).

The event is being held in Raleigh at The Hunt Library on NCSU’s Centennial Campus—which is fantastic! Truly innovative, state of the art, and just smoooooooth.

Note: I participated in all of the more content-focused sessions, held in the “fishbowl” conference room! You can see the list here. Beyond the main topics we were there to discuss, there was a lot of chatter around public transit/walking and Raleigh as a destination city for people looking for a better quality of life. It made me smile. A lot. Ranking highly for a place to live was the desire for it to be: technology driven + neighbor friendly + affordable. Raleigh = check!

P.S. Thanks for the encouragement and awesome conversation to all the peeps I met today! #inspring #citycampnc

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    1. Now that CityCamp has opened up to the whole state, not just NC, cities and towns from all over are welcome. The more the better. Next year, maybe invitations to each city municipality is the way to go?

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