Feet on the street: 3 reviews

Last week, I posted about walking as a means of getting around. Inspired, I spent the long weekend doing a lot of it.

Hillsborough Street — is fairly deserted during the summer while most students are taking a break from classes (campus is just across the street). But, fantastic summer spots, like Chili Bomba, East Village, and Sadlacks are open and frequented by residents of the nearby neighborhoods year-round. I for one am more keen on visiting Hillsborough Street when there are less students and more sunshine. Chili Bomba is my favorite right now (used to be El Rodeo): they make killer Mexican corn, excellent guacamole, and delicious Mojitos!

The Rose Garden — is at full bloom right now! Sometime each year between Mother’s Day and the first frost (November?), row after row of peach, red, pale pink (and on and on) roses cover the grounds and trellises of this neighborhood garden: located between Hillsborough Street and Wade Avenue, at Pogue Street. Weddings are lovely here (book a special event) and the Raleigh Little Theatre puts on shows and hosts events throughout the year. Casual walkers and picnic-ers welcome!

NC Art Museum Park  — The Greenway just gets better and better, as does our NC Art Museum: located off Blue Ridge Road, not far off Wade Avenue. Trails weave around the museum grounds, leading visitors on easy hikes through the woods and fields, and it connects with the Greenway at two different spots. Summertime at the NCAM is special: movies are shown outdoors on a gigantic screen (bring a blanket and some snacks, wine to order), concerts are held at the most perfectly-sized venue in town, and the Iris restaurant is enchanting and delicious.

Get your feet on the street this summer!

P.S. Check out this walking tour of downtown from The Raleigh Connoisseur.

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