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Get Around: Walking

As part of my Get Around series, I feel it’s time to talk about walking. (See posts on the bus and biking.)

Matt Tomasulo of Raleigh created Walk Your City: signage that informs people how it is to walk to nearby destinations. Anyone can help their city “get more feet on the street”… the mobile app is coming soon and you can follow news on Twitter @WalkYourCity.

Walking is not what you think of as a form of transportation, though it is the one you are most comfortable and familiar with. We walk from point A to point B for a trivial, small pursuits every day. And, even as car-dependent as most of us are, many of us are living a new value system—one that emphasizes living close to everything you need.

So, take that a step further (haha) by envisioning yourself…

Walking to the bus stop. Then, taking the bus to work.

Walking to the grocery store, burning calories before enjoying a meal.

Walking home from work / to the bus stop / to the car parked a little further away, allowing yourself valuable time before arriving home to decompress. (Your significant other / roommate / family / pet may not recognize the new you!)

Walking to dinner, giving you a little more time with that special person.

Walking to the bar, ensuring you avoid driving under sketchy circumstances.

Where else do you walk to? Do you have tips to share for getting around Raleigh?

I’d also love to hear from readers who live outside the beltline.

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  1. The thing that amazed me about moving downtown is how freeing it is to walk to get around and just leave the car at home. 🙂 I never thought about the car as an encumbrance, before, but now, I’d rather do without.

    1. Agreed! I have a car that I feel free to use when I need to, but otherwise I want to think of it more and more as a need for a specific destination purpose, and other modes as my go-to transportation. Especially my own two feet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don’t think a lot of people (yet) realize how possible this type of lifestyle is in downtown Raleigh.

    Walking opens up new opportunities for interacting with those around you. It changes your way of relating with your neighbors, as you start seeing and interacting with them in different ways just by running into them around town as you walk to and from places.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Exactly! Thanks for you insight — you live in the heart of downtown and it’s great to hear that neighbor-to-neighbor interaction is really happening.

  3. So glad to see this on walking! This makes a lot of sense for those who live near any downtown. We’re all so used to jumping in the car. We can change that. Let’s make walking our natural choice. Choose stores and restaurants within walking distance. Help revitalize your downtown with your feet! My husband and I live in Greensboro and we’re glad to now have a grocery store–Deep Roots–within walking distance.

    1. Grocery stores are so critical to helping people get their feet on the street in the first place! We love food. We need it to survive. It makes sense for DT Raleigh to figure this out ASAP. Deep Roots sounds awesome and I’ll have to check it out!

  4. Before moving to Raleigh, we lived in large cities where we depended on public transportation and our feet to get us where we needed to go everyday. We were glad to find that downtown Raleigh offers the same possibilities. We walk to a downtown destination everyday and enjoy connecting with the neighbors and neighborhood in this visceral way.

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