Morning Times on Hargett

Breakfast: Morning Times

Most mornings lately I’ve made myself 3 scrambled eggs. I like them a little moist, with salt and pepper (and sometimes a dash of cayenne, spinach, or feta). But made simply, quickly, and coupled with a cup of Earl Grey or tall glass of water.

If you’re downtown, a great place to get the simplicity of a homemade breakfast is at Morning Times. They have a new menu! It’s chock full of deliciousness.

Breakfast has a whole side of the menu dedicated to it—lunch is on the other side (served from 11:30am – 7pm). Some breakfast items are served until 11:30am, but the rest are available all day! Get your fill of grits, oatmeal, buttermilk biscuits (+gravy), breakfast burritos, sandos, and wraps OR have the Omelet of the Day, a Waffle Sandwich, or Smoked NC Trout.

Seating: Out front there are a few two-person tables and inside near the entrance is a new bar that faces the street. Upstairs is a large open room with lots of natural light, several tables, mostly 4 tops, and a couple of lounge chairs. Each week a new artist showcases their work; flyers with more information can be found on the community table by the stairs.

Each First Friday, when the weather is nice, the Morning Times Market is held on Hargett Street, between Wilmington and Fayetteville Streets. Local handmakers and artists set up to sell their goods, while people hang out, talk, and hoolahoop.

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