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Small local biz Mondays: Vigor + Vim

spring clean at Vigor + Vim

The best mornings start out with a big, full body stretch. And preferably while still under the warmth of the covers. You know the kind: comforting, relaxing, and invigorating. Much like a massage but for an instant instead of an hour. So, when I found out about Vigor + Vim, I was excited to see stretching and massage offered, plus something called: Spring Clean. A holistic approach towards servicing the body makes me feel like the results have more potential to treat, soothe, and last.

It was while practicing at Indigo Hot Yoga (Oberlin Court) that I met Chris, a talented and charismatic instructor, and now the master behind Vigor + Vim.

Therapeutic Massage (60, 75, and 90 minute options)


Gentle Yoga (60 minute session)


Spring Clean: This is an opportunity to work out a daily plan with Chris to service your body. You will develop a morning routine that invigorates and establishes your day; form a personalized yoga series to use at work or home; explore mindful awareness of your patterns to shed the outdated ones; and cultivate the authentic qualities that best serve you. Once per week for 4 weeks (consecutively) you will see Chris to work on all of your tight spots, integrating your individual plan into each session.


Special: For all who work in the service industry (servers, baristas, bartenders, and anyone who derives over 50% of their income through tips), during the month of May, book up to two, 60 minute sessions for only $45.

It all sounds amazing! Visit the studio at 620 W. Lane Street, call for an appointment, or book online.

P.S. Cheryl at Epona & Oak is one of my favorite massage therapists in town. Do you regularly schedule massages? Or things like, acupuncture, alignment bodywork, or facials?

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