Friend with MS

What is MS?

It’s Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, March 11-17.

I bet you didn’t know, on average, living with MS costs that person $69,000/year. With the median income at $49,000 and MS putting most people out of work within 10 years (or less), there’s a great need to find a cure. And, at the very least we can influence progress enough to offer those with MS more than 8 disease-modifying options. Because, MS is very difference for each person who has it, and it varies throughout their life. Some modifications may work for a short time or not at all. For those who are debilitated due to the disease, a cure is at the heart of their hopes and dreams.

I personally have two friends with parents who have MS.

Who do you know?

Watch this 4 minute video for more facts.

Check out this blog for events and stories in the Triangle area.

Tune to News 14 on Wednesday, March 13 for an interview with the Walk MS Development Coordinator, Monica Tierney.

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