Downtown Dame Gift Guide 2012

shopping downtown

How do you feel about shopping locally for your holiday gifts this year?

If it seems easier to just head to Target or the mall and get everything all at once, think again. Not only are these “big box” stores crowded, but the products are far from original. And isn’t that the point of gift-giving? Not only to give something that someone needs, but something that they want. And you’re much more likely to hit that sweet spot  if you buy locally. Why?

Because local gifts are unique. They aren’t anything you’ve seen in commercials on TV, and the details that go into them (and their packaging) are just… special. And that’s how I strive to make those that receive my gifts feel.

There’s a big push underway to get retail shops downtown and to get folks shopping there. It’s a tall order as retail growth downtown is new new new…like I’ve said before, when I was in college, not all that long ago, we didn’t go downtown, there just wasn’t anything going on (or safe).

Big (retail) pushers:

  • As we’d expect them to do, The Downtown Raleigh Alliance just launched a shop downtown site.
  • Holly Aiken, one of the first successful retailers downtown, continues to rock it out.
  • Straight from the horse’s mouth, new shop, Deco Raleigh, has been over-overwhelmed with artisan applications.
  • Epona & Oak, a stronghold in City Market, features new artisans every month, and carries a wide selection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition products.
  • Father and Son, a vintage and antiques shop has clothes, furniture, trinkets, and more.
  • Amplified Art finds amazing band and event artwork that is amazingly unique, think: James Flames.

Wanna add someone to this list? Didn’t see your favorite store mentioned here? Drop me a line!

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