wiki. bu•ku. partay.

The Triangle Wiki team is launching their project tonight. And celebrating 1000 published pages! At bu•ku around 7pm, head out to 110 E. Davie Street to find out more, ask questions and partake in some fabulous food and drink. Networks like the Triangle Wiki are some of the best ways for large groups of people to  nurture growth and positivity around where they live, work and play. Check out the site for something that has value to you, and if it’s not there, publish it!


When I first started this blog over a year ago, my first few posts were part of a series I called “A tourist in my own city”, highlighting four restaurants/bars that were important to me at the time (and still very much are). My bu•ku post was the 4th and final of the group that also included Tir Na Nog, Epona & Oak and The Pit.

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