Is Sadlack's in or out?

The update from Goodnight Raleigh! as of last Wednesday (8/24), reports that Sadlack’s is out but maintains a level of doubt, a sliver of hope, that it may remain in.

Rose owns the building, the University Endowment Fund owns the property, and a hotel is going in no matter how this transaction/conversation goes down. To me, it seems we have the opportunity to provide a stellar example of how development projects and the community around the area can find a balance by accepting inevitable growth, while respecting the traditions that have sustained us.

From the horse’s mouth, on who they are:

Sadlacks Heroes is a Raleigh, NC institution. It is located at the corner of Hillsborough and Enterprise Streets, across from NC State University. For over 30 years, Sadlacks has served Raleigh’s best and freshest heroes (including legendary vegetarian selections) while entertaining the populace with the region’s finest live musical entertainment. The food is always fresh, using only the best meats, cheeses and vegetables cut daily. A sandwich shop by day and a bar by night, Sadlacks is a place for all-comers. It has employed many of the areas finest musicians, including members of Whiskeytown, Six String Drag, Patty Hurst Shifter, Corrosion of Conformity and many others. Stop by for a sandwich and a cold beer. Enjoy an afternoon on the porch. Bring your dog or your children. You never know who you may run into at Sadlacks.

A great list – with photos and commentary – of other Raleigh building love and loss this year, from Goodnight Raleigh!

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    1. christie, my question is, was the holiday inn just not enough? or was it under-serviced? i went to ncsu and as an undergrad, when my parents came into town they stayed there. it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst. perhaps it not a bad idea to get a hotel that does it right? but what’s going to be the difference? the fact that people can literally walk just across the street rather than DOWN the street? may sound too simple, but we have the compounding issues of weather + culture that keep our people in a .5 walking radius OR in their cars.

  1. Hope they can co-exist! I love Sadlacks! If this new hotel’s ground floor will be retail and restaurants, I don’t see why Sadlacks can’t be a part of that. Why does it have to be one or the other?

  2. DownDame!
    Sadlacks is my favorite place in Raleigh.
    I moved here as an outsider, and found my place of fellow wierdos and normals at Sadlacks. All are welcomed at Sadlacks: dogs, dreads, kackis, dancers, old and young. And even your first visit there you feel as if youre on the set of Cheers. Great music, Ryan Adams got his start there; great beer, great outdoor seating, and great food! Sadlacks has THE BEST vegi sandwich in town: the vegi pumper, and its only about 5$. And their sweet pot fries!
    Im moving away if they smash Sadlacks and all the good energy it emits.

  3. I second the love for the veggie pumper! I agree that needed new development and existing establishments need to coexist! Designers and planners should take this into consideration but ultimately and unfortunately they are only concerned about THEIR bottom line – and that is customers for their hotel. Sadlacks was there when our dad went to school at State and when his daughter (dame) went to State and now the fact that it might not be there for another generation is really sad.
    @Carla – even if Sadlacks could be on the lower level of the hotel it wouldn’t be the same, sadlacks isn’t just good food and beer – it’s atmosphere. I think the existing building should be incorporated into the hotel design. How awesome would that be!!!

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